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In the beginning, our Pen Monster would go about, causing chaos and havoc.

He would come from the inky depths to walk around invisible, stealing office pens and chewing them up, leaving them on innocent people's desks, causing discord and strife.
"Who stole my pen?! Who chewed it up?!"

He would laugh manically at the trouble he caused, slinking away unknown.

Then one day the Ink Fairy saw his cruelty and decided to teach him a lesson and so, she cast a spell...

Pen Monster, Pen Monster,
causing conflict with your cravings,
from this day forward...
you will only enjoy savings!!"

She brought a spell upon him that ruined his taste for the average pen. No longer able to enjoy the flavor, he was forced to wander for another source of food.

He wandered to a warehouse, but the pens were too plain...
He wandered to an office supply store, but they didn't have enough...
He wandered to a specialty store, but it was too expensive!!

He wandered and wandered, ready to give up, until he came across his new home..., where he can eat all the pens he wants at bulk quantities, great quality and amazing prices!!

They were delicious... Luckily there's always more!
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